Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dancing to a New Survey Tune

I came across an interesting article from Media Buyer Planner the other day. It caught my attention because of its title, “Beer Drinkers Like Obama Best”. I report it in this space because it is an excellent example of how to gather survey data in an innovative manner.

The data in this case was gathered in bars across the country by way of the jukebox. You may have seen the new digital TouchTune jukeboxes in your favorite local. They allow you to play just about any song you desire by connecting to an Internet database. They also allow marketers an interesting avenue to collect research complete with segmentation based on the bar type.

This was just one example of new ways to gather intelligence and reach target audiences where they live. I am sure you can think of other unique places and mechanisms. Share them here. You can read about the TouchTunes poll here.

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