Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marketing Can Be Fun and Games

When you think of games, I know that visions of Wii or PlayStation probably dance in your head. Most associate video games and probably their kids with the games segment. This is the largest segment of the games market and there are product placement and co-branding opportunities if your budget permits.

However, growing faster are the online games. PQ Media reports that advergaming and webisodes are the fastest growing branded entertainment segments at 51.7% growth over the last 5 year period.

Games can be a fun, engaging, active, educational and viral opportunities to present your brand. They have proven to deliver results as well. Fast Company Magazine reports that “America’s addiction to video and computer games is leading the way to a new advertising medium with astounding clickthrough rates, play times, and peer-to-peer potential.”

Have you used games as part of your marketing mix? Considering opportunities? Care to share with your AMA Pittsburgh colleagues? Let us know.

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