Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Already Have a Mobile Marketing Program

One million was the key phrase yesterday. The US announced that it had one million names on its Anti-terrorism list. The bigger news was that Apple sold one million of its latest version IPhone. The company announced 10 million downloads from its apps store as well. This means that you as a marketer are already in the mobile marketing platform.

I know what you are saying to yourself. I don’t have mobile apps, widgets, or even a SMS/text marketing program. I am not doing mobile marketing. You might also be saying I am not a consumer brand or my demographic is not 13-25 so I don’t need mobile marketing.

Whether you are industrial, b-b, small, medium or large, you are now in the mobile marketing game. The fact that there are now one million more devices on top of the other communications equipment in the world that also have web access as integral to their services means that you have no choice but to be mobile marketing.

In fact you have 2 mobile marketing programs likely at your company right now. The first and primary is your current web site. This marketing tool can now be accessed by one million more people from their mobile device. The second is your email marketing programs.
Now that you have one million more potential prospects to view your website and email, you might want to review the accessibility of your site. Accessibility can refer to how easily accessed the information on your site is to the visually impaired, search engines, and now mobile devices.

If your site is heavily designed in programs such as Flash then that information will be lost to mobile device users. Make sure your site is designed to interact with these devices and use the fancier programming and design as an enhancement instead of the main architecture. Functionality will be key as you are accessed by your new mobile prospects.

Another item that you might want to review is how up to date is your information on the site. Keep your information fresh and relevant to encourage all of your visitors to use your website as a tool.

Once you have the basics fixed then you can look at all of the new ways that you can put mobile marketing to work for you. I personally know that many construction contractors carry Blackberrys now. That’s important to remember when you think that mobile marketing is just for consumer brands.

Here’s hoping that mobile marketing can make you one million more of what’s most important to you.

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