Friday, June 13, 2008

Friendly Fridays - Meet Mat Simmons

This is the first edition of friendly fridays on the AMA blog. Each Friday, we would like to introduce you to a fellow AMA member. Today, we spotlight Mat Simmons President and Founder of Garett CMG. Mat is also the new VP of Communications on the AMA board.

Mat founded Garrett CMG in 2007 with the belief that there was a better way to serve clients' advertising and marketing needs. A belief that an agency should focus on building a brand as intently as driving sales because lets face it, if there is no brand, there are no sales. Following that belief has allowed Mat to lead Garrett into boardrooms and businesses of regionally respected brands in just the first year of operation. In keeping with his role as President, he constantly searches for ways to increase the agency's ability to have the most profound impact on our clients' businesses.

Before deciding to branch out on his own, Mat worked with both America Honda Motor Corp., and American Suzuki Motor Corp. as well as numerous regional and national dealership groups. Now Mat is on a mission to continually enhance the brand -building quality of work that Garrett creates for its clients, an effort that he hopes will redefine the way clients think about developing, enduring distinctive brands while generating immediate results as well as the agency client relationship. All to often businesses get lost in the shuffle of the large agencies day to day ritual.

Mat has a unique way of relaxing outside of Garrett. You can routinely see Mat jumping out of airplanes for fun, or soaring 80 feet in the air on his motorcycle. No one can say that Mat is not an adrenaline junky. When he is not spending time risking his life he is at home with his wife,Sarah, and their one year old chocolate lab, Parker. No children yet but they are coming!

We'd like to spotlight you. Send us your bio and introduce yourself to your fellow AMA members as part of our friendly fridays post. Have a good weekend.

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Mat Simmons said...

Figured I would post the first comment on the new AMA blog since you posted an entry about me! Great job with the blog Chris, keep it up!!!