Monday, June 2, 2008

You Ought to Be in Pictures

Want to bring a little Hollywood to your brand? Well, you might not have Old Spice’s budget to have Will Ferrell or another big star hold your product in a movies, but product placement opportunities still exist in video.

Story Bids, at, is delivering product placement opportunities to viral video and webisode campaigns. They way the site works is that companies interested in supporting a creative project can review artist submissions and concepts on the site.

If a good match is found, then the company can bid on placing their product into the finished creative project. Pricing for placement varies depending on the concept and the prior success of the artist, but for most projects it is a minimum investment.

Viral video has seen its audience grow and a few websiodes have even made the jump into mass media outlets. Who know, you just may be a part of the next big thing to hit YouTube and that could position your brand on the cutting edge.

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