Friday, January 9, 2009

5 Potential Popular Online Marketing Themes

Some potential themes that should be popular in online marketing during 2009.

1. Sustainability - Green marketing has been en vogue for several years. Sustainability takes it to the next level. Searchers will look to find more information on how they can be more green, but also save money in the process. 2009 will see them support companies that do the same and/or help them achieve this goal.

2. Financial Planning - This one is obvious after the events in 2008. 2009 will prove to be challenging as well. Can your brand fit with ways, tips, improvements, etc. for financial topics.

3. Career Tips - There will be many more people hitting the job boards and alternate sites in search of jobs or other career tips. Planning ahead can help these future seekers. Tips on networking, alternative education, certifications, and job seeking tips will be in demand. Can your brand engage with these people.

4. Games - Did you notice that games did not take a dip? In fact, GameStop reported great numbers. There is a common thread to human nature, we all like to be diverted from the real world. I expect this thread will be pulled often in 2009. Games are a favorite diversion. Can your brand get mind share by offering a game?

5. Entertainment - Same theory as #4. If your brand can fit (And you will be surprised that most can) with forms of entertainment, then you can use these vehicles to keep mind share. Online videos that entertain will continue to be popular on free outlets. Growth will continue in 2009, as I expect other avenues may decline such as pay tv.

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Chris Lugo said...

In addition to the themes you listed, I believe "conversations" will take marketing by storm in 2009, if it hasn't already.

Moving away from the established, comfortable methods of communication, marketers are taking the plunge with blogs, Twitter, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and other social media. It's not enough to just BE where the people are (or are going)...marketers must establish intimate communications with their customers, consumers, audience, and "friends."

Participants in these conversations want to know there is a real, live person behind the brand, and that they care.

There is a lot more to this "conversation" theme that I think Chris Brogan does a good job of covering in his extensive blog, - Check it out.

Along the lines of Green Marketing, I hope companies wise up in regards to old communication methods. Is telemarketing really all that effective? Maybe this is just a rant, but how is interrupting my dinner to pitch satellite service effective? Surely, older marketing methods still work in some instances, and can fit well in a marketing mix, but I fail to see some of these methods surviving much longer.

Seems like we're moving toward the ways of small business; where marketers can have real conversations and treat customers/consumers with the importance they actually represent to the business.

Hoping to learn a LOT more about all of this jazz in '09. How about you?

AMA Pittsburgh said...

Excellent points, Chris. Thanks for sharing.