Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twitter Comes of Age

Interesting piece of news today. Twitter has grown up and by an interesting yardstick. Twitter has reached a critical mass, catching the attention of spammers. It is a shame that we have to measure viability by this measure, but you have not made it until you attract this kind of attention. Just ask My Space and Facebook.

Marketing Vox reports that users receive a direct message from a follower, bearing this or similar bait: “hey! check out this funny blog about you…”, followed by a link to a webpage.

After clicking on the link, victims are presented with a false Twitter login page. Usernames and passwords entered on the page become vehicles for spammers to distribute similar messages. A second scam jijacked some high profile accounts such as President-Elect Obama.

Twitter is tightening its security in response to the hackers. Users that fell victim to the phishing scheme can reset their password on Twitter.

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