Monday, August 4, 2008

Online Video Study

I came across an excellent study regarding online video. Some great take aways like keep your programs short (3 minutes or less) and make them funny, music oriented or user generated content for max appeal. This article came from Marketing Charts.

The top 5 categories of videos watched online are all short-form - comedy, music videos, videos shot and uploaded by consumers, news stories and movie previews - according to a Frank N. Magid Associates survey conducted for Metacafe.

Moreover, 28% of those who watch online videos report watching less TV as a result, according to the national online survey of 2,000 people age 12-64. Among the other findings of the Metacafe survey:

  • 50% of all respondents watch online video weekly.
  • 11% of all respondents watch online video daily.
  • 19% of those who watch online videos report regularly sharing a link to a video with someone else.

The top-five most commonly viewed types of online video content, based on respondents reporting that they watch regularly, are as follows:

  • Comedy/jokes/bloopers (37%)
  • Music videos (36%)
  • Videos shot and uploaded by consumers (33%)
  • News stories (31%)
  • Movie previews (28%)

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